Captain Growth roadmap. What updates should you wait for?

What is your big aim?
Where are you heading?
What updates should we wait for?

These questions are frequently asked by our customers, investors and partners. That is why we decided to make this comprehensive blog and write down all our ideas and plans to show you where do we go and what kind of product are we building.

Big aim

Developing just another SaaS tool doesn’t sound exciting to our team. Our passion is to set big goals and reach them step by step.
We are developing the next industry standard for marketing based on AI.

Our aim is to make marketing without AI an obsolete way of doing business.

It’s obvious that Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the world. There are industries that we can’t imagine without AI, for example, stock trading. The majority of operations in stock markets are conducted by machines now. Marketing is the next field that will be reinvented by AI. In 3-5 years machines will do all routine marketing job and people will be able to focus on more complicated and creative tasks. But how to develop such AI?

At the beginning of 2017, we asked the same question to ourselves and in May 2017 our team came up with a 3-steps plan for Captain Growth:

  1. Step 1. AI to understand what’s going on. Perception of marketing activities and analytics
  2. Step 2. AI to understand what to do. Predictions of the next steps and decision making
  3. Step 3. AI to automate. Single-click implementation of predicted actions.

This plan became a roadmap for the next hot year of development and we hope it will be an agenda for Captain Growth years ahead.

Perception of marketing activities and analytics

Marketing AI should be able to cope with routine operational decisions without a human. But to come up with any ideas, AI should be able to analyze the current situation, find problems and opportunities for your company. Human beings can’t define a right solution for a problem without proper analysis. Machines have the same issue. If it’s unclear where to act, actions will be misleading.

That is why we are confident that defining problems and opportunities is the vital point for AI. Once it is clear where to act, it becomes possible to build an actions list.

What have we done so far?
Our team has created a uniform framework for marketing analytics. It is able to find growth points and bottlenecks in almost any type of data. This framework is applied to Facebook and Instagram data now. You can see results of this analysis in your Captain Growth account.

To integrate any new service, we should only once explain the machine the structure of the new type of data. Starting from this moment insights will be found automatically. Such flexibility allows us to connect new services quite fast and provide you with cross-channel analytics.

What are we going to do next?
Right now Facebook and Instagram are connected to Captain Growth.
Adwords, Google Display Network and YouTube ads are in a closed beta.
After them, we’ll connect Google Analytics, Shopify and Amazon ads. Also, we will consider Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads if a significant amount of our customer needs those data sources.

By the way, we are also working on cross-channel insights. It means that information from different data vendors, for example, Facebook and Google Analytics, will be joined to provide you with deeper insights with cross-channel perspective.

Prediction of the next steps and decision making

Well, our AI is able to percept and analyze your data. It finds bottlenecks and growth points. Logically, next step is to predict the best solution for each of the opportunities or problems and let the machine make its own decisions. We are working on this task now.

As a result,
each insight will be accompanied with a recommendation: what to do in this case and what will be the impact of this change.

What have we done so far?
Usually, there are from 3 to 6 possible actions on each of insights in Facebook. We have developed the first version of machine learning model which defines the best action for each particular case. Currently, the model is in a testing stage.

What are we going to do next?
Adwords predictions and marketing suggestions for other integrations (Adwords, Analytics, Amazon, Shopify) are coming. Also, we are testing and improving the current version of the model we have. The more it is learning – them more intelligent it is.

AI Automation

When you are sure WHICH action should be taken, it is quite easy to develop automation features. In Captain Growth you will have a magic button which applies Captain’s suggestions automatically.

This feature will be rolled out in 2018. Since then you’ll be able to manage your marketing through one window, doing top necessary things in any channel by simply accepting Captain’s suggestions.

You see that we have big plans for our intelligence part, but also our team develops a lot of updates and features for the service and the interface.


In summer 2018, you will have an opportunity to connect the chatbot and get insights directly to your slack channel or facebook messenger. Be sure you don’t miss anything improtant. Keep track of all growth opportunities.


Accounts in Captain Growth will support teams and collaboration. You will have an opportunity to invite your teammates and work on insights together. This update is coming in July.

Comments to insights

A lot of customers asked us about the opportunity to leave some notes on insights. We listen to customers very carefully that is why this feature is put to our to-do list and will be launched in July 2018.


Updates that you will see in the nearest future (summer 2018):

  1. Insights for Adwords
  2. Insights for Google Display Network
  3. Insights for Youtube
  4. Teams
  5. Chatbot for Facebook/Slack
  6. Comments to insights

Updates we are working on:

  1. Insights for Google Analytics
  2. Insights for Amazon
  3. Insights for Shopify
  4. Predictions and decision making
  5. Automations

Possible updates in our roadmap:

  1. Integration of Twitter and LinkedIn
  2. Agency reports

If you have any questions regarding our roadmap, we would be happy to answer. Ask them in our facebook page or via e-mail –

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