Captain Growth gives you insights, but decision making is creative job and it’s up to a marketer to define what actions to take. Meanwhile, we extracted from our experience 5 typical actions that you can possibly apply based on Captain’s insights either to save your money on Facebook ads or to leverage results and get […]

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook personal information

Testimonials in Congress look like the script for the next movie and surprised a lot of people, both advertisers and users. However, those who are working in data industry were not shocked so much by the uprising conflict between Facebook and authorities. 2 days in a Congress is not an unpleasant surprise for the biggest […]

Predictive analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to predict the future? In marketing, such opportunity would mean making best offers, crafting ads with 100% CTR, achieving >500% ROIs and doing all the stuff that makes marketers’ resumes worth of immediate employment at Google Headquarters. Unfortunately, marketing analytics often looks like fortune-telling with a crystal ball, where people try […]

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Marketing and Machine Learning

The first thing we need to know is that “learning” is not memorizing. If we learn the book, we also remember it — to some degree, at least. However, if we place book’s PDF on computer’s hard drive, it will remember it, but never learn. For the machine, it will look like some chunks of […]

ai marketing

OK, now we are aware that artificial intelligence exists. The question remains — how to make it earning money instead of us? While computers are still learning how to cook or create arts, artificial intelligence marketing solutions already help businesses to save green dollars and earn even more. Captain knows how it works — actually, […]

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