A person has already purchased my product. How to stop remarketing him?

What’s wrong with the ‘unlimited’ remarketing?

Remarketing is a powerful tool. But in the hands of unexperienced marketer it becomes a nightmare. A nightmare for your customers.

Imagine, one day you decided to buy a supervision glasses. You went to an online store and viewed a page of a pink one there.

But then you changed your mind to a blue glasses to be more like Captain Growth. So you moved somewhere else on web, then got lost and forgot about glasses at all.

Your next day started with a Facebook feed. And – oh magic – an ad with a pink supervision glasses appeared (If you’d like to know, how to set up such ad, go here).

This ad impressed you, so you followed the link and this time bought a glasses. Congrats to the marketer. He’s got a profit.

BUT. Next morning. Facebook feed. Same ad. What the hell? You already bought one. There’s no need for another supervision glasses, unless you have two pairs of eyes.
Same next morning.
And the next one.

From love to hate, this shop now disgusts you. It was probably the last time you purchased something there. The end of a story.

Do you think it is a weird story and not a single qualified FB marketer will let this happen? Have to disappoint you: according to our stats 67% of marketers does not have the annoying remarketing issue fixed.

Stop being one of them.

How to stop remarketing people, who already purchased my product (or has completed any other conversion?)

  1. Define a stopping point. Stopping point is a goal you are aiming with your campaign. If a user completes it, it is no more ok to advertise the same offer/item/product to him. E.g. if you run a campaign for e-mail sign ups, the successful e-mail sign-up is the very moment when you need to stop advertising it to the person.
  2. Define it for every adset you are running, not only for remarketing ones. If a campaign has a goal, some people may complete it one day. But Facebook will still target them after conversion, which makes no sense.
  3. Make sure your Facebook Pixel works correctly. Not sure how to check it? Learn here.
  4. Create a custom audience of people, who reached the stopping point. To do that:
    • Open up your business manager
    • Go to ‘Audiences’
    • Click ‘Create audience’ -> ‘Custom audience’
    • Choose an option that explains your stopping point: either it is an engagement, action on a webiste, in app or offline.
    • For a website conversion, choose a right pixel, then choose an action from a list, that describes your stopping point. In my case it is ‘E-mail sign up.
    • Define a timeframe. It should be not shorter, than your planned campaign length.
    • Name your audience and save it.
      • Open the adset, you want to improve
      • Click ‘Exclude audiences’ and choose the one you have just created.
      • Save your Adset
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