It’s never been easier to be data-driven

With Captain you get ideas on what to improve and how to grow every day. All based on your data.
Get your insights, make right decisions, act and grow.

Which insights can Captain find?


Audience segments

  • Some of your audiences perform better or worse than average.

Wrong-targeted Ads

  • Some of your ads work poorly for a particular audience, e.g. male aged 25-35 from Boston.

Creatives To Refresh

  • Some of your ads start to perform worse - it’s probably time to change them.

Metric Anomalies

  • There is an unusual drop or growth of your important metrics - ROAS, CPA, CPC, Conversions.

Settings To Use

  • Which placement, ad format, bidding, optimization goal works better for particular audiences and adsets.

Facebook Updates

  • You miss on a new advertising opportunity, e.g. you don’t use dynamic creatives.

What to fix?

  • You don’t apply one of 50 advertisers’ best practices, e.g. there are no UTMs for your ad links.


  • Some of your metrics differ too much from industry averages

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We usually find around 100 insights for a new user. It takes us 2 minutes.
Get yours for free.

Get my insights

How does Captain do it for you?

  • 01
    Find an unusual issue in your data
  • 02
    Define the exact level, where the insight happened
  • 03
    Score the importance: is it valuable enough?

It saves up to 50% of your ad spendings and optimizes the whole marketing funnel

It saves up to 50% of your ad spendings and optimizes the whole marketing funnel



  • Optimize your ad spendings
  • Get higher conversion rate and lower CPA
  • Make data-driven decisions


  • Control multiple projects better - never miss on important things in your campaigns
  • Get a competitive advantage with the AI tool
  • Bring added value to your client

PPC Specialists

  • Get valuable analytics effortlessly
  • Be aware of important changes and trends in your data
  • React fast and leverage opportunities

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Facebook Ads


Google Adwords


Google Analytics


Any time, on any platform - be aware of what matters


Insights feed

For deep and detailed insights


E-mail reports

To summarize your insights weekly or monthly


Slack bot

For urgent issues

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We change the way analytics is done


Old-school analytics:

80% of time - routine

You spend time researching charts, tables, dashboards and reports. Most data there is useless, so you go on until you find any insight.20% time - actionBeing limited in time, you act only on things you have noticed and have time to fix.


Captain Growth analytics

100% of time - action

You have a feed of actionable insights extracted from your data and sorted by importance. No need to explore data anymore - go straight to explaining it and acting on it.

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Captain, please change it!

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