Learn which interests work better in your adsets with new insights from CG

Now you can understand a performance of different interests, which you are using to target your Audience. You can easily find out, which targeting options are working well and which are the underperformers.


E.g., if you promote sports goods, you can learn that basketball players ? are twice more likely to buy your products. Or that dog lovers ? are just wasting ad budgets of your pet wear brand. Or, smth like this:

Well, it seems like guys fond of alt-rock are engaging really well.
Why not scale this segment and spend more for them?

Couple more examles of interest-based insights:


You might like this feature if:

    • You use interests to target your audience on Facebook


    • Your adsets include different interests at once


  • Audience you’re trying to target is rather broad, so there are multiple ways to reach these people based on different interests. E.g. if you’re targeting rich people, you may end up with luxury brands and rich lifestyle in interests. But you never know which of these really works best.


What are interests?

Interests are the targeting opportunities on Facebook, which describe your Audience. You can find them in a section ‘Detailed targeting’ while creating your adset. There are tons of interests you can use on Fb. You can search for them, add them and exclude them from targeting.

What you can’t do is to see stats regarding each particular interest: does it work for you or not?

Why are interest insights so great?

Millions of marketers are using Facebook Interests to target their audiences. It is one of the key targeting opportunities on Facebook which makes this platform so unique. However, currently, there has been no way to find out, which targeting options are effective and which aren’t.

Having this knowledge, you can decide which people to target, readjust your budgets and increase revenue ? by being more accurate with who to show your ads and what to tell them.

How to find it in Captain Growth?

Insights about interests are already present in your main data feed. If there is a serious outlier – you’ll see it high in the feed.

We also created you a special Data Feed called ‘Interests’. Check it out – there might be something valuable there.

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