Share insights with your team mates in 2 clicks

Now you can share interactive insights with your team mates or clients easily. They will be able to see the shared insight, even if they don’t use Captain Growth yet.


It looks like this:

Why is it so cool?

Each shared insight is interactive. It is not just a picture or a screenshot – all the Captain’s functionality is available. Check the segment size and build metric charts to make your final decision.

Share it with anyone you like. With a shareable link, you can send the insight to anyone: your client to let him know, your employee to ask him a question, your mom to boast. These people don’t have to sign up for Captain Growth to see the info.

How to share an insight?

    1. Click on the share button in the bottom-right corner of an insight card.


    1. Copy the special shareable link.


  1. Share this link with your team mate or customer on any platform: Messenger, Email, Asana or Trello.
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